8 October 2011

Bevel by Jonathan Goldstein Season 3

Bevel NYC

Hardware and Software are terms commonly reserved to describe a computer and programs. Hardware is the shell, or machine. Software is the programs, the non-physical substances that serve a function and allow a computer to operate. On one hand we have the physical, hardware, while on the other hand we have the metaphysical, software. Have you ever heard the human body compared to a machine? Organic and inorganic matter is not dissimilar on the most basic level. Everything is a product of energy and information. Science has come to realize that the atom, held, as the basic unit of matter, is not a solid entity, and the universe was declared to be made entirely of non-stuff. The advent of fax machines, computers, radio, television and the internet are based on this realization. This season, each piece of jewelry in the BEVEL Hard and softwear (HXS) collection comments on the state of our Hardware, the body and Software, the spirit, in an attempt to offer alternate perspectives on the way we view our selves and our environment. The jewelry of HXS Compares machine to biology, physical to metaphysical, ‘hard wear’, jewelry, ‘soft wear’, skin and ‘software’, spirit.

It's no secret how much I adore Jonathan Goldstein and his jewellery so you guys should go and buy some because they'll be pieces you'll have for the rest of your life (and afterlife...goths).


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