6 October 2011

Recent Acquisitions And Old Favourites

It's been about two weeks since I got back from New York and I figured I might as well show you guys some of the things I got. The wonderful Alyssa Panda Eyes gave me the triangle ring, crystal earrings and hexagram necklace, all three which have been glued to me ever since.
I bought the bird skull ring at Topshop the other day to keep in the theme of dangerous jewellery.

Went to Opening Ceremony with Alyssa, Chelsey and Sean and walked out with Comme Des Garçons' Vettiveru Cologne which has quickly become my favourite thing in the world. I tend to either wear very airy and light perfumes (Flower by Kenzo, Infusion D'Iris) or very musky men's smells (Chanel's Cuire De Russie) so this was a perfect addition to my collection.
Lastly, no trip to New York is complete without bringing back tones of cheap St. Mark's sunglasses.


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