8 January 2011

Outfit Post: Studded Jacket + Blow by Blow

H&M Studded Jacket, Topshop Maxi Dress, Triangle Necklace, Topshop "Baphomet" Ring

You guys wanted more photos, you got em'. This whole thing is still weird for me.
That H&M jacket is falling to pieces, I've worn it maybe 4 times since last January and the seams are coming apart everywhere. For $75 I am very disappoint.
"Blow by Blow" has been in my bag since Boxing Day and I had yet to open it until today because of a little game called Fruit Ninja. It's good so far, if you guys love Isabella Blow you'll love it. Go get it.


  1. Is that a Beethoven head?

  2. ty chels.

    yes it is. he's got the greatest "bitch please" face.

  3. Again, love your necklace. What a shame the jacket is falling apart.

  4. Love the jacket. And the necklace makes the outfit.

  5. looks really cool -- and i like how silver nailpolish "repeats" those studs.

  6. I want that necklace serious amounts.

  7. aaaaah you look fucking awesome doll! necklace my fav!!

  8. lord! you're divine
    + that book is like a bible!
    and about the coat..ahaha
    well maybe i'll make one for you and then we talk about the price ;) glad you liked it though!

  9. you look fucking rad! I love the nail polish


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