19 April 2011

Alexander Wang Jade Wristlet

£550 Buy Now

Went into Selfridges today and came across this beauty. I could be homeless for a month, not so bad? Hmm?

London is great. I put in the security deposit for a flat in Dalston today and I move in on 1st May! It still feels super weird saying I live here but only because I've dreamed of this for so long I never thought it would actually happen.

Readers from London hit me up!


  1. is a must have
    GLAD you're so excited in London. + selfbridges is another world, don't you think!
    best of luck on your new apt and paws up 4 Ldn!
    love u

  2. Dalston is cool place, I've been to so many party up there when I was a Londoner myself! :)
    Have fun beautiful!

  3. Selfridges is amazing. I could live in there.

    Where do you live now Wobblinbetty? I'm so excited to have my own (shared) place.

  4. I'm just back from a period I spent in LA and I have settled in Milan, which is the city where I'm from. But London is definitely the place that I have loved the most till now!! Looking forward to your next posts beatiful!! Xxx


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