16 February 2011

RAD by Rad Hourani AW 2011

My camera sucks, I know

Never in a million years did I think I would see a Rad Hourani runway show so yesterday was an absolute dream for me. The show was held at the asscrack of dawn (10:30am) ar Milk Studios which meant I had to drag my lazy 3-hours-of-sleep butt out of bed at 8 and in a half asleep stupor attempt to dress myself.

The show itself was amazing, the runway being 1500 square feet of black plush carpeting with models striding across it in perfectly structured garments. I was shocked to find out the entire collection was just 6 looks (with added bonus, grey!) , reworked and styled to make 26 amazing looks. The leather especially caught my eye, the way it was draped across the body as if it were silk underneath the heavy wool coats.

I really do hope I'm lucky enough to see his show again in September because it was truly an amazing experience.


  1. rh is one of few that interest me, and from those pictures i like this season better. leather and fabric looking less cheap and forms more fitting - which is important to me in abstract voluminous clothing. form fitting ... volume is possible :) (i'm not into walking-tent look).

  2. i agree. i kind of like the walking-tent look but i try and pair it with something very structured to balance it out.

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  4. i also like this show, it all looks so fresh and inspiring

  5. wowwwwww, i'm quite impressed! loving the fitted waists and structured lines.

  6. i posted the video and died
    can't believe you nbeing there.. exquisite.
    our Love Rad!

    love u dear!


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