20 February 2011

Parkchoonmoo AW 2011

First and foremost I want to apologize for the appalling quality of photos my camera has been producing lately. I need to get a new one asap but all of my money is being siphoned into a big secret.

Korea seems to be exporting a lot of incredible designers lately and the relatively unknown (to America at least) Parkchoonmoo is rapidly becoming one of my new obsessions. The collection is full of all things that I love, black, black, black, grey, and oversized garments.
There also seems to be an outfit appropriate for whatever life throws at you in this collection; 11 hour bus ride? No, problem I have my pillow sorted. Going to work? You'll look fly. Dancing? Let me just put on my shiny gold and black jacket. She knows the perfect balance of avant-garde but wearable clothing that I believe will take her far.

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