12 May 2011

I wear black on the outside because black is how I feel on the inside

Topshop maxi dress, H&M sheer shirt, Antique milk of magnesium spoon necklace, Bevel NYC ring, Marc Jacobs ring

Louisa and I spent the morning in London Fields and somehow ended up at the Hackney City Farm a couple of days ago and I could not have been more appropriately dressed, no? A big maxi dress is perfect for 25º weather and getting chased by a very angry duck. I tried to get a photo of my awesome gradient nails (black to silver) but the lighting was shit so you can all stare at my broken finger. I can do the Star Trek thing without even trying.

Onto more pressing matters now because I've been in a terrible clothing rut lately. Getting dressed in the morning has become extremely tedious and uninspiring due to the fact I could only bring what would fit into a large suitcase and a carry-on. I miss the other half of my closet that I left back in Toronto and until I get a proper job (this being unemployed business is getting old) I can't build a new one.
My flatmate insists that I would look quite sharp in some blues and reds but the thought of that makes me a little unwell and I spent the other day going around to various vintage shops but all I came back with was impatience and the realisation that I will never be one of those thrifty people.


  1. best dressed nominee!
    jaja loved this!

  2. OMG " Antique milk of magnesium spoon" that sounds amazing!!! AND, looks amazing! So cool that you're in londres. HAve fun. Nice blog.

  3. I hope things get better for you on the job front. Your nail polish sounds wonderful. I really like what you're wearing, but I am always envious of people that can pull off maxi dresses.


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