27 February 2011

The Great Below

This post is all Nancy/Goth Reform School's fault. Ever since she posted that goddamn NIN song yesterday they've been stuck in my head.

I may have had very questionable music taste growing up (in an attempt to rebel against my parents strict if-it-ain't-from-1977-it-sucks mentality) but Nine Inch Nails are one of the few bands I've consistently enjoyed since my early formative years.
A copy of And All That Could Have Been was given to me one day by a family friend and I'm pretty it was rendered unlistenable due to months of playing it in my Discman. I've always said a band is truly great if they sound better live and they do.


  1. The best part of this post was your mention of a Discman.

  2. Question! Where do you get large sized images from Runway shows? Style.Com has such small photos. Nice blog man

  3. it was a wonderful discman. i miss it.

    hey anon, vogue.com or coute que coute.


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