12 February 2011

Complex Geometries AW 2011 Presentation

Being a super duper Canadian, I have to rep Complex Geometries hard. At one point during the presentation I described the collection as what space would look like if it was designed in 1972 and I must say that's the most accurate description I can come up with.
It's nice to see CG branching out from their usual black/white/grey complicated clothing and incorporating other colours and textures into their pieces. The insanely high shoes were by LD Tuttle and even with my busted ankle I still have some crazy urge to get them.


  1. just hope they wont lose their original vibe. i liked their older collections the most - heavy cotton, volume, asymmetry w/o taking things too obvious or literal... you know, w/o trying too hard to be cool.

  2. the divinitus - i know what you mean, but you can only do so much. it's a nice change to see them branch out (but i hope it doesn't last too long)

  3. agreed with you guys!

    i liked some items -separated-
    BUT i do miss the CG- essence!

    + btw those boots are to die for!


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