26 January 2011

What I Need More Of In My Life: Sheer Fabrics

Only my mother would decide to get me a completely sheer oversized sweater (can you even call it that?) for Christmas. Anyone that knows me knows I absolutely loathe Christmas and everything about it -- so even the act of opening gifts is quite painful.
It took me almost a month to actually look at Complex Geometries' Brume Hoodie again and even begin to think of how I was going to wear it. I still don't really know but it'll be fun trying to figure that one out.
This spring will be all about sheer fabrics for me as I'm still not over the beauty of Givenchy SS 2011 and the pain it's caused my heart because I can't afford any of it. I'm dying to DIY a really long and dramatic maxi skirt that I can wear under short dresses and skirts.


  1. I had a bit of a giggle at your About Me section :')

  2. I was really close to buying this but my wallet chickened-out in the end

  3. heh, I seem to have too much, maybe we can swap :D


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