25 January 2011

What I Need More Of In My Life: Leather

Leather T-Shirt, Zana Bayne Oxford Harness, Horace Leather Paneled Leggings, DIY Stud Bag

The weather has been so terrible lately that I've been spending most of my time day dreaming about all the things I can wear once it's not freezing balls outside.

I bought a pair of leather paneled leggings from Joe Fresh (yes, the supermarket clothing line) back in November that I've somehow managed to incorporate into my uniform at Starbucks without getting in trouble. These Horace leggings in the photo above are a combination of the aforementioned leggings and Gareth Pugh's almighty Spring 2009 collection. Those with a leather t-shirt would be the greatest thing ever y/y?

As much as complain and curse Lady Gaga, this photo of her carrying a studded Birkin inspired me to resurrect a forgotten Christmas present. I spent a good 4 hours taking out the lining and putting different size studs and spikes into the very difficult leather. I think it turned out quite smashing.

My imaginary dream leather outfit couldn't be complete without Zana Bayne's Oxford Harness. I love the fact you can detach the collar from the main body piece, so many options!


  1. I really like your DIY bag and I need a pair of paneled leggings so bad.

  2. the leggings are awesome... yep you can never have too much leather!!


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