18 January 2011

Guest Post: Alexander McQueen Men's AW 2011

One of my favourite bloggers, Marcus Estvanko of Fashion's Religion has been kind enough to do a little post on his favourite collection of Men's Fashion Week!

The McQueen brand has been around for quite sometime. Since 1992 to be exact. And what most people don't know is that Sarah Burton, the current creative director of the McQueen fashion house, has been the head of womenswear design since 2000.

It was clear Sarah had military uniforms on her mind for this season, with a limited color palette of blacks, whites and bold reds. The straightforwardness of the collection was genius, Naval officers with a few business man in between. Sarah even brilliantly kept the peaked shoulder the McQueen brand is famous for, with a slit in them to give them a more relaxed feel. This collection was neat, sleek, sharp, and reassuring.


What's your favourite collection?


  1. i'm not that into McQueen's
    its -ok-
    but not WOW!

  2. Also not too fond of this collection. I don't like the colors, and I prefer military influences to be a bit less obvious. However, I'm quite in love with the stuff from John Varvatos Star USA. The colors, the textures, and the layering are near perfect, in my opinion. What's more, it looks very wearable, I can imagine people I know walking down the street in these clothes, which is always a plus.


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