12 January 2011

Top 5 Pre-Fall 2011 Collections

...or The Top 5 Least Crappy Pre-Fall 2011 Collections

While everyone is getting all excited about the Pre-Fall 2011 collections being released, I must say I don't understand the hoopla. None of them really stood out to me, my heart didn't stop, I was left bored by it all.
This is a list of the 5 collections that caught my eye but didn't wow me.

1. Stella McCartney

2. Preen

3. Alexander Wang

4. Givenchy

5. The Row


  1. I loved Givenchy. I also really enjoyed Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga. I hated Alexander Wang. I've never liked his work. I feel like his collections are terribly constructed and not wearable.

  2. ^ what fashion's religion said. preen, however is spot-on with the marbled metallic dress and the easy jackets.

    anyways, i recently discovered your blog and you have excellent taste. keep up the good work, look forward to reading your posts.

  3. Fashion's Religion - Balenciaga was ok, it was a bit too busy for my liking though. Yes, A Wang's shoes are terrible and his T line is overpriced but I do really like his collections. There are a lot of pieces that are good for mix-and-matching in one's wardrobe and they're fresh and young and fun.

  4. I'm also pretty disappointed by Wang. Givenchy's white ensemble looks divine though.

  5. I think I actually only like the row & a little givenchy...wang is a painful lang copy..


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