17 December 2010

Crystal Renn in Paper Planes AW 2010

Paper Planes AW 2010
Crystal Renn
Photographer: Derek Kettela

With the recent hoopla surrounding Crystal Renn (Terry Richardson for Vogue Paris shoot & people talking shit about her being too thin to be a plus size model), she's quickly become one of my favourite models. She's gorgeous top to toe and her face is that of a timeless beauty.

Images from FashionGoneRogue

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  1. She is fierce at any size but I have to admit, I prefer her with some meat.

  2. Me too, she looks alot better on the...huggable side.

  3. I agree she is a very beautiful woman an any size, but I have to say I don't think she qualifies for a plus size model, but who am I to decide that right? Nevertheless she is gorgeous.

  4. SERIOUSLY. look at her god damn face. i don't care how large or how small her thighs are. i'm not looking there! i'm too focused on her strong eyebrows, and unbelievable jawline. i wish everyone would stop making it such an issue. she's not "straight" size or "plus" size. she's just crystal. she's just a model.

  5. also, i like black drapey shit or just lots of black cool looking shit in general. i am following you now.

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com)

  6. I agree, she is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, but I enjoyed her curvier frame better. But both are amazing...great face.


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