20 December 2010

Home Sweet Home

shoe shelf, closet, scarves, bags

Would you really expect anything less from my closet? Back in the fall I decided I would go to the next level of ~goth~ and redo my room in black and white. The original idea was to make it look like my clothes were floating in the black closet but when I realised how unreliable my ceiling was, my dream came crashing down (quite literally).
The focal point of my shoe shelf is my best friend and guard statue Dandy Beethoven, staring menacingly into space (or watching over my Chanel perfume samples). If you ever get a chance to smell Chanel's Cuire de Ruisse, it's the most amazing musky smell and I may have to treat myself to it in the New Year.


  1. a shoe shelf??! love it!

  2. i feel bad just sticking them at the bottom of my closet. shoes should be shown off !

  3. agreed!
    shoes must be on top!
    best pictures
    love !

  4. I wish my room was as neat as yours.

  5. lovely. especially liking the beethoven statue...

  6. Oh, I've always wanted to try the more exclusive chanel perfumes, no.5 gets boring after a while. I like the statue too!


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