17 November 2010

Interview: Chloë Memisevic

Newcomer to the international modeling world, Chloë Memisevic is hardly a forgettable face. At just 17, the demonic beauty has walked for the likes of Marc Jacobs, Twenty8Twelve and Charlotte Ronson during the Spring/Summer 2011 shows. She was kind enough to answer some questions for Obscure Alternatives, talking about model apartments, music and Swedish designers.

How/When did you start modelling?
I started full time in June this year but got signed to my mother agent in Sweden a while ago.

Where are you from?
I am from the city of Malmö, in the very south of Sweden; 30 minutes from Copenhagen.

What's your favourite part about your home town?
The distance to Copenhagen? Perhaps all the small, hidden cafes in all the big parks.

Model apartments aren't as glamourous as everyone thinks they are, have you lived in any "interesting" ones? Any crazy stories?
The model flat in New York was by far the most interesting one. Since were talking New York, we are also talking cockroaches. So what we did was, we threw shoe boxes over them and just kept them in there. Also, we had a wicked door man who left us cupcakes on the rooftop. Not too bad...

Have you been to any terrible castings?
No castings have been absolutely terrible, but some might not have been as popular as others. Mostly when you've already been to 17 castings that day and end up at one that takes hours and its already late in the evening.
The BCBG casting in New York was pretty intense, we all waited for hours, as well as my phone got stolen in the middle of that chaos and I had tons of castings yet to be done that day.

What were some of your favourite shows to walk for Spring 2011?
Proenza Schouler was in my opinion the most beautiful show. I did looks for them and got to see all pieces and combinations many times. Everything is so well done and fits beautifully. The show was great. Meadham Kirchoff in London was also great fun. The venue was an old train station and the whole collection felt like being a kid in wonderland.

What's your favourite thing to do once the hell that is Fashion Month is over?
Sleep, sleep, sleep. Just do things in a normal tempo and not run around. Having time to see people again.

I understand that you're living in London now, do you have any favourite underrated/overlooked spots in the city?
I fancy having coffee or food at Broadway market in east London, which is very close to where I live right now. Also, just walking around in different areas of the city. I like Kentish Town for the atmosphere there.

What are some of your favourite bands? Have you been to any really good gigs recently?
Kent is my favourite and they have been since 9 years back. I listen much to Vive La Fete as well. Recently its been a lot of Beach House and The National playing. I did go to the Kent gig in Malmö a while ago and it was real good. Dark, cold and intense in a beautiful way.

Sweden seems to be an extremely fashionable country, what are some of your favourite Swedish designers/brands?
Richard Soderberg, who's the designer of Obscur is very talented and creates great pieces. The collections are all full of things I would wear, though its menswear. The clothes are quite unisex though.
Lina Österman makes interesting things that I like and Acne manages to always create something nice.

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  1. God!
    adore the picture to show us how she is
    +i love the "demonic beauty"
    She has indeed an exquisite dark beauty!
    love this interview!


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