14 October 2010

Cult de Laissez Faire

Back in August I popped into my favourite shop in Toronto, Carte Blanche while showing Hilary the not-so-grand tour of the city. She walked away with a black and white Gareth Pugh long sleeve shirt, while I fell in love with an amazing Cult de Laissez Faire jacket (last photo).
Of course shopping for large black jackets in August isn't the most sensible thing to do, but love makes us all do silly things. Because it's a men's/unisex jacket, the lapel is so large and triangular on me that I feel as though I'm channeling the ghost of Klaus Nomi every time I put it on. It instantly turns any outfit into a head-turner
Cult de Laissez Faire is Carte Blanche's in house brand and if you ever find yourself in Toronto I highly encourage that you go check them out.

1 comment:

  1. Amazing, so gorgeous
    Your blog is stunning.

    Madeleine Louise


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