6 October 2010

Alexander McQueen SS 2011

After the tragic passing of Lee McQueen the fashion world was in turmoil trying to figure out who would fill his extremely large shoes. This is Sarah Burton's second collection after taking the reigns at Alexander McQueen, and I personally think she's doing the company and hopefully Lee proud.
The name McQueen has always made one think of bold intricate prints, powerful colours and strong silhouettes that truly stand the test of time.
As every model passed down the runway the colours of the collection reflect that of a sunset, with creams morphing into pale wheat into golden yellows into black. While some of the simpler looks were a little rough around the edges the harshness of the leather belts and vine dress juxtapose elegantly against the fur trimmed jackets and soft flowing dresses.
Has anyone talked about the wheat shoes yet? Because they're pretty amazing albeit channeling the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz a little too much.
All in all, I'm impressed. I'm eager to see what Sarah will do with the collections to come, if and how she'll morph the brand into something of her own.

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