2 August 2011

DIY: Gold Pipe Necklace

AllSaints sheer chiffon trench coat, Sparkle & Fade chiffon shirt dress, gold pipe necklace, Minimarket zipper wedges

When it comes to shopping, I'm extremely picky because I have a set idea in my head of what I want and nothing is ever as perfect as I imagine. This is why I've started taking matters into my own hands lately and have gone on a bit of a DIY frenzy.
My latest project came by accident when I went to Leyland for some sandpaper, I wandered by the sink pipe section and this beauty was staring right at me. Ok, I sound a little mental it wasn't exactly like that.
All I needed to do was get some lobster clasps, connecting rings and gold chain and in about 5 minutes I was done. Easiest.DIY.Ever.

Here is a photo of the necklace in action at the world's most depressing fair. Seriously, there was only one person there and everything was straight out of 1973.


  1. reminds me of the cheap monday smile necklace (which I think we both own now... I picked it up for cheap at a sample sale) but BETTER and in 3 DIMENSIONS

    Plus you can hurt someone with it, which is something I value in my accessories

  2. ñam ñam tasteful and yummy necklace
    so are you! :)

  3. cool! i think i'm going to try this too!

  4. I love the necklace! (:



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