9 June 2011

Love Like Blood

Culte de Laissez Faire Jacket, UO Shirt Dress, Zana Bayne Harness, Supermarket Leather Paneled Leggings, Underground Creepers

I was forced to take take some photos yesterday so this is my lazily-walking-back-from-sainsbury's-in-pouring-rain outfit. I'm still not over the weather here, it changes so dramatically in one day that you have to layer like a motherbitch or you'll die of heat/cold/wind/rain/all at once.


  1. you look like a beautiful goth princess natasha

  2. Fucking beautiful outfit!!! I am totally in love whit your outfit. <3

  3. never looked so perfect!"
    you are divine
    love the harness and the creepers..and the leggings
    and the cape, and the... all!

  4. You've just reminded me to listen to this song I haven't listened to in ages! Thank you! :D

  5. You have such fantastic taste, love, and your blog is soo lovely!


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