6 June 2011

Jeepers Creepers!

Initially I hated the sight of creepers, I thought they were mall gothy and way too bulky to actually walk properly in them but boy was I wrong. I had tried them on a couple of weeks ago at Office and thought they looked quite ridiculous but the sight of them in my mind kept on taunting me and eventually I caved.
They're super comfortable and the best shoes for going to gigs because the sole is so thick you can stand for hours. It's my day off so I'll try to take some pictures of them later.

PS: I now work at the shop that I posted about at the bottom of the page.


  1. It's just that they are a trend right now! ;D

  2. Rude. You're talking to someone who's never bought anything because "it's in trend".

  3. I THOUGHT THIS BLOG WAS ABOUT UNCOMFORTABLE SHOOZ. INCONSISTENCY! (haha. jk. obvs i love this. ps im working tomorrow if u werkin)

  4. Ahhh I'm jealous. I really want a pair of white ones.

  5. Alexa you can just shut your pie hole right now, UNCOMFORTABLE SHOES ARE NOT POSSIBLE WITH A BUSTED ANKLE. ;____;
    I would come visit you but I have to watch my room get torn apart and fixed of water damage and I need a Brick Lane break.

    Nancy get yourself some on yonge st, there has to be a place near dundas.

  6. Wicked, I was always behind creepers and anyway I kinda like a mall goth influence ;) when it's done right anyway.
    My friend just got a pair of pointy leopard print creepers and they are so beautiful. I think the awkward shape and proportion are what gets me. That and the nineties lovin.

  7. I love creepers! I just ordered these myself http://for-the-fame.blogspot.com/2011/06/soon-you-will-be-mine.html! Also I love your blog, you are very inspirational!

    - Frederik, www.for-the-fame.blogspot.com :)


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