23 April 2011

Stay Beautiful

Last photo by Hannah Daisy

I'm going to start off the post by saying that I'm currently a bit angry at the weather! I came to London for mild and grey weather and it's been nothing but 25º and sunny as hell the past week! What is this I don't even....
Because I hate this near summer weather I've been spending most of my days lying in various parks around the city and having picnics which is something I never really had the opportunity to do back in Toronto because no one ever wanted to.

Last night was the supposed last Stay Beautiful at the Purple Turtle in Camden but I have a hard time believing that since that's what they said last year when I went.
Going to SB is the one time a year when I feel underdressed and this says a lot from the person who will wear a leather harness to Sainsbury's.

1 comment:

  1. bretters,

    i miss you. i want to have picnics with you in the park! goth picnics. i hope you're ready to live gothsinhotweather.com http://i55.tinypic.com/s5ajrd.gif do i amaze you?

    i'm jealous forever of your going to stay beautiful. you are truly living my every 16-year-old dream right now.

    keep an eye out for the doctor!!!!!

    i need to start saving up for my trip to visit you. text me you stupid slag!


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