3 March 2011

Gareth Pugh AW 2011

Do my eyes deceive me? Could that be blue? A colour? Well I never.
I often wondered if and when the day would come that Gareth Pugh would expand from his achromatic creations into the world of colour. His collections are often a continuation of the last, with silhouettes or patterns trailing into other looks making his career thus far seamless. One would think that that it would become dull but Pugh manages to evolve each idea and rework it into something eye opening each season.
However, as someone who has followed his career Autumn 2006, I feel conflicted and almost uneasy at how (gasp) commercial his recent work has become. I never thought I'd see models stomping down in chiffon. I keep telling myself it's all a part of his growth as a designer and hopefully he'll get bored of it soon.


  1. So uncharacteristically wearable! The chiffon numbers are beautiful.

  2. They are beautiful! Just very shocking!


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