21 February 2011

Topshop Unique AW 2011

Topshop is somewhat of a novelty for Canadians because we sadly haven't been blessed with it's presence yet. Toronto certainly needs one to help it get out of it's great style rut.

I adore their 101 Dalmations/Cruella De Vil inspired Autumn/Winter 2011 collection right down to the little black noses a select few of the models had.


  1. i love those outfits...black rocker/punk feel is so sexy! i'm currently obssessed with black lipstick !

  2. There's always the small selection at Jonathan & Olivia.

    Also, Topshop is considered to be garbage in Europe. I feel weird fawning over it.

  3. yeah but it's so expensive. topshop in europe is dirt cheap. i miss it.

  4. never properly learnt english growing up

  5. It's true. It's obscene to pay $50 here for something that's 15 pounds in the UK.


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