4 February 2011

Phoebe Heess "Amarok"


Phoebe Heess studied fashion design at the ESMOD in Munich and Berlin. After her graduation she interned and worked for Adidas, Limi Feu Tokyo and House of Holland and became cofounder of the label HectorHector
She currently designs for Adidas for their Stella McCartney line as well as her own collection.

Amarok is the name of a giant wolf that is part of the Inuit mythology. The myth says that he will hunt and eat everyone who is so naïve to go hunting at night. The collection is based on the iconography of the native inhabitants of this arctic region. In a not too distant future the global warming will cause urban live to develop in this area. Amarok is a forcast of these two cultures melting into each other.

I get so excited when I see new lookbooks! Phoebe Heeess' collection is full on "sportygoth" (this word will happen) with the shiny black fabrics, sheer paneling and oversized tops. This is probably exactly what I would look like at the gym.

1 comment:

  1. I really like her designs and those stick on eyebrows


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