1 February 2011

Generation Terrorists: A Style Restrospective of the Manic Street Preachers

In honour of Richey is dead you crazy fans Day, I've decided to do a post on how god awful the style of the Manic Street Preachers was/is.
Don't get me wrong, I'll be the first to admit I loved them (and still do) to death when I was a mopey 14 year old, however one thing I could never get past is how badly they dressed. I understand it was the early 90s but no one should ever wear white jeans, leopard print and screen printed silk shirts.

Click below for some more cringeworthy photos.

I'm pretty sure when the Clash spray painted shirts they didn't put wussy things like "Dead Flower" on them.

All they need are diamond studs in their ears and they could be the 90s poster children for Ed Hardy.

Gay sailor jokes.

Just for shits and giggles have a 4 real photo of Richey. No Manics post is complete without one.

The 90s are coming back with a boom this year so watch out and please for the love of god don't take any style tips from these guys. If any of you happen to run into Nicky Wire on the street, kidnap him and direct him to the nearest Topman.


  1. nicky wire was one of my biggest style influences when i was 17 so this post can fuck right off


  2. White jeans I can deal with but I've never understood animal print.

  3. Richey is not dead!

  4. Nooooooo!! Gutted you don't like the MSP style... Tight white jeans are my porn and no porn would be complete without leopard print.
    The Manics lost their style and their musical abilities when Richey left/topped himself - whatever. This comes from a die hard early Manics (NOT cult of Richey) fan with Stay Beautiful tattooed on her arm.
    Nicky Wire should not leave the house these days...

  5. I do love their style, it was just extremely questionable up until about 2000. I could deal with everything else except for the tight white jeans, they're just too much.
    here have a picture of my friend and i (pulling my best jarvis cocker face) and nicky wire:


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