13 December 2010


What does one do with two whole days off work after an 11 day stint? Browse the internet of course!
I'm rarely at loss for words when I see beautiful things but Occulter really has taken my breath away. Occulter is the retail project of New York's Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons located at 83½ Orchard St.
It's like the goth-fashion version of Evolution (one of my favourite stores in the city)! I don't think you could find a salvaged piano ebony harness, solid gold cast honeycomb necklace or a limited edition version of Pamela Love's infamous talon cuff featuring carved 30 000 year old woolly mammoth tusk anywhere else, truly one of a kind.

If you guys are ever in LES I highly encourage you to give these guys a visit! I'm sad I didn't know about this place when I was in NY a couple of weeks ago. ):

Items featured in the graphic:
1. "Chogan" Harness
2. Seven Sacred Panets Pin
3. "Una" Twisted Horse Hair Bracelet
4. Gold Honeycomb Pin
5. The Golden Jaw

1 comment:

  1. yeh this is definitely breath taking!!


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