2 December 2010

No Will to Live/ Music Nowadays Sucks/ A Very Sad Music Monday

In relation to the last post, this is Hilary and I's reaction upon receiving the news that Einstürzende Neubauten have cancelled their (possibly last) North American tour. So most of us who have never seen EN live, will probably never get a chance to.


  1. I think I have the same shirt as whoever is on the right... does it say "It's witchcraft" ?

    Anyway it sucks about Neubauten. I was lucky enough to see them a few years ago and it was fucking awesome. Totally bummed that they can't come back!!

  2. Oh my god... that is just too bad, really. They didn't perform in my city so I was already pretty bummed out about that... I was just talking to my German friend about them.

  3. somehow i just came upon this now and all i have to say is that this photo is fucking brilliant

  4. we needed to let our emotions out somehow.


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