23 December 2010


I seem to be the only person that doesn't have my face up Maison Martin Margiela's ass right now. It's not that I don't "understand" what they're putting it out, it's that I don't find any of it appealing. Why spend thousands of dollars on shoes that look like a giant camel toe? It's not even exciting and cutting edge couture, it's boring. Thoughts/opinions anyone?


  1. Cosigned. The past...well, many seasons have been disastrously bad. Whoever's currently designing at the house is clearly too pleased with themselves and their legacy for "cleverness." Pretentiousness doesn't necessarily mean shit, but it does when you're clearly trying too hard.

    Peace out, MMM.

  2. it's just sort of funny that MMM is suddenly SO COOL now.... so shortly after Margiela himself left. tbh i think a lot of it was really iconic and brilliant but a lot of the recent brouhaha is a lil' bit much.

  3. I second your position. The house was built on experimentation and wonderment, but the new design team is translating that to just all-out gimmicks. Not to mention making it more accessible and ubiquitous, which in an of itself isn't a crime, but shouldn't the product be something a more mainstream customer would actually purchase?

    Bravo for saying what I've been thinking lately!

  4. merry x.mas my dear!
    lots of nerd love to you
    dark wishes all around

  5. merry x.mas my dear
    best dark time to you!
    lots of dark woshes to you!


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