5 December 2010

Albion Trinketry

Way back in 2004 I had just discovered the magic that was The Libertines, my 14 year old self was completely infatuated with Pete Doherty (I still have my Libertines poster above my bed) and the recklessness surrounding him. Pete and Carl still weren't talking, the appropriately named Babyshambles was Pete's new project and it all just got kind of weird.

Although he isn't a stranger to the fashion world, having dated Kate Moss and modeled for Hedi Slimane, his new line with jewellery designer Hannah Martin comes as a bit of a surprise. It's definitely a lot more refined than I would imagine, but there's still that nonchalant element in the pieces which is quite comforting.

Prices range from £425 cuff links to an £8,725 gold ring.


  1. pretty expensive but they're definitely unique... i'd love to own a piece...! i too was absolutely obsessed and infatuated with pete doherty. even in babyshambles mode!!!

  2. I really like them, but I don't think I could justify paying anything close to that. Loveee Pete & Carl.


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