16 November 2010


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Proudrace is a two year old independent label from Manila, created by design duo Patrick Bondoc and Rik Rasos. With backgrounds in t-shirt making and industrial design Proudrace began as a small online shop selling just t-shirts.
Heavily influenced by minimalism and slight roughness of the 90s, they grew a small following after the debut of their Spring/Summer 2009 collection and expanded their online store to include much more. This theme continues on to their Fall/Winter 2010 with the many monochrome and gender neutral pieces shown above.
While they're still very much a young brand and still learning I'm excited to see what the future has in store for them!
Proudrace is available at http://proudrace.com !


  1. so cool, i love that red skeleton looking harness

    ...look closer

  2. YES
    i love their work
    + thanks 4 your sweet comments about my collection + blog
    +thanks 4 the "LIST"

    LOTS of love
    i've been falling4 your blog

  3. I LOVE their images :) That black floaty sheer thing in the first image has given me major DIY lust.


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