19 October 2010

Complex Geometries

haze t, brume hoodie, mega tank

I'm going to take a moment now and rep one of my favourite Canadian designers, Complex Geometries. As much as I dream of living abroad I'm always a little sentimental when it comes to Canadian art/fashion/jewellery and I feel as though as a country we're under appreciated and overlooked.
I've been following CG for quite a few years now and they seem to only be getting better as time goes on. The above pictures are my favourite pieces from their AW 2010 collection and this only fuels my obsession with anything sheer and hooded.
My closet is composed entirely of solids and textures (I've never been one for patterns,except for Pugh, of course) so how else is one supposed to stand out? Shapes!
Just as their name states, all of their pieces are very geometrical. Even with the drapey shirts and bags there is still a structure to them which makes them extremely wearable and unique.


  1. I just had a look at their shop, they are freaking awesome and I'll most likely buy something. Thanks!


  2. i like complex a lot. not only by abstract form but its heavy cotton...

  3. I really want that hoodie!



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