21 September 2010

Jeremy Scott SS 2011

I'm just going to start off the post by saying I normally think Jeremy Scott is the epitome of tacky and rarely find anything that I would even think about spending money on. BUT his most recent collection has changed all that. I have a strange fascination with clothing that looks like it's been taken out of the back dumpster of a chinese restaurant and Mr. Scott has made it work perfectly.

I ran into him at Dean & Deluca last week and after thinking to myself "Hey wow that guy looks alot like Jeremy Scott!!1!" I went up to him and expressed my immense and undying love of the whole collection. He was very sweet about it and seemed to genuinely appreciate my grocery-store-rape. I stupidly forgot to ask if the bes† sunglasses in the world would be hitting the stores anytime soon. Because uh... I need them in my life ASAP so I can wear them all day everyday.

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